Visualizing and Predicting Your Physical World

With our technology, we build sensor solutions on the edge of physical limits. We employ artificial intelligence to build gateways to the physical world and make the data available in the cloud.

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Sensors Solutions based on Artificial Intelligence

We design sensor solutions for industrial companies that allow for complete digitalization of manual measurements and comprehensive sensor data tracking and analytics. We deploy artificial intelligence in our systems and help our customers to reduce their maintenance cost by 25%+ and to increase their machine uptime.

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Sensor Data Analytics | KONUX

Making Machine Insights Available Everywhere

The Industrial Internet of Things promises a new level of efficiency and will change fundamentally how infrastructure and machines work. Our customers are prepared.

Sensors & Data Analytics for the IoT

KONUX offers customized sensor solutions that will advance you and your company on the road to IoT. Our smart sensor technology in combination with our analytics software enables you to extract higher precision and efficiency out of your processes and machines, while tracking the enhanced performance data by clear visualization. KONUX sensor systems monitor a wide range of mechanical measures, which makes them suitable for diverse applications like machine tools, industrial pumps and railway infrastructure.

The combination of intelligent sensors and analytical capability allows continuous monitoring of measurement data, but can also be configured to trigger automatic process adjustments in real time. The result is reduced down times and increased precision and reliability. We combined the extensive experience of our product developers with the innovative ideas of a young, creative team to build KONUX, a thriving Munich-based startup that is breaking new ground in the sensor industry with its unique combination of patented sensor technology and customized analytics. Our systems enable customers to take part in the Internet of Things by intelligently networking their equipment and extracting valuable insight out of the collected data. KONUX solutions will enable your company to further progress toward Industry and Infrastructure 4.0.