Transform railway operations for a sustainable future

KONUX combines Machine Learning algorithms and IoT to deliver software-as-a-service solutions for operation, monitoring, and maintenance process automation

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"Smart technology makes switches more intelligent and rail transportation noticeably more reliable"

Ronald Pofalla, Member of the Management Board for Infrastructure at Deutsche Bahn

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The KONUX system is an end-to-end solution which uses IIoT devices and artificial intelligence to improve network availability, extend asset lifetime and reduce costs. It continuously monitors and analyzes the health of key switch components such as the track bed, and frog, and provides actionable recommendations. It ultimately allows for better maintenance planning by helping infrastructure managers anticipate failures before they happen and know the optimal time and type of maintenance needed.

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Trackbed Prediction: Prevent failures before they happen

The KONUX system estimates how the trackbed condition will develop in the next 90 days. This allows you to detect early signs of degradation, plan ahead for an inspection, and prioritize maintenance on the most urgent assets.

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"It’s time to move away from costly inspections and start planning maintenance ahead of time – and KONUX helps railway operators do just that."

Dr. Dieter Wilhelm

Advisor and Former Executive Board Member of Knorr-Bremse AG

Help us transform rail operations for a sustainable future

The KONUX team is strongly driven by engineering talents, and complemented with an outstanding business team that dives deep into customer problems and technical challenges, and understands how we can build our product platform. We combine Silicon Valley digital thinking with German engineering.

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