Transform railway operations for a sustainable future

KONUX is the first AI scale-up in railway. We bring next-generation predictive maintenance, network usage and traffic monitoring and planning solutions for railway infrastructure management.

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Railway is the hidden sustainability champion in transportation. But with demand predicted to double by 2050, radical steps are needed to ensure the resilience and competitiveness of the system on which millions rely. AI can unlock sources of operational capacity and efficiency previously unimaginable, fueling a true railway revolution.

Our Vision

Our Solutions

KONUX Switch

Our predictive maintenance solution for rail switches uses machine learning and IIoT to enable delay free switches at an optimal cost

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KONUX Network

Our usage monitoring and inspection planning solution provides a more accurate picture of network traffic and its impact across the infrastructure

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KONUX Traffic

Our timetable optimization and delay mitigation solution helps route directors, dispatchers, and planners tackle capacity bottlenecks and optimize planning.

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The data insights allow us to know the asset evolution in real time and to anticipate as much as possible all the preventative maintenance that we need in the future.

Angélique Chaboissier

Maintenance Engineer at Oc’Via Maintenance

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There is a real urgency to accelerate predictive maintenance because it does improve reliability and that is what we need.

Rolf Härdi

CTIO at Deutsche Bahn,
Chairman of the UIC Safety Platform

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The more we digitize, the more we can prevent defects, if possible before they even appear, in order to do less corrective work and therefore save money.

Damien Rose

President of Oc’Via Maintenance

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The holistic switch

Predictive maintenance for S&C

KONUX Switch uses IIoT devices and artificial intelligence to improve network availability, extend asset lifetime and reduce costs. It continuously monitors and analyzes the health of signalling and track components, and provides actionable recommendations. It ultimately allows for better maintenance planning by helping infrastructure managers anticipate failures before they happen and know the optimal time and type of maintenance needed.

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Winter '23 Release

Network usage insights to optimise inspections and resources

Planned and actual traffic can differ by as much as 40%, which can lead to over- and under-inspection, loss of operational capacity, blind spots for infrastructure degradation, and ultimately poor resource allocation. By leveraging AI and large scale data fusion, KONUX Network presents a model of actual daily traffic and its impact throughout the network. It helps regional managers, route directors, and planners optimise inspection planning, allocate resources where needed, and tackle capacity bottlenecks. 

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Summer '22 Release

Load insights to optimise switch maintenance and beyond

Rail switches and crossings globally account for 20% of delay minutes, 15% of rail operating expenditures and 10% of capital expenditures. To tackle these challenges with enhanced switch maintenance, KONUX has been continually innovating for continuous monitoring and forecasting of switch health. By complementing this capability with traffic usage insights, KONUX aims to push toward the vision of enabling holistic and delay-free switches at optimal costs.

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March 28 – 29, 2023

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