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Our mission

Make railway the mobility choice of tomorrow by increasing capacity, reliability, and cost-efficiency

Our vision

Transform railway operations for a sustainable future

But of course, we are much more than our statements. Find out what exactly makes KONUX such an awesome company!

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Grit: Our special sauce

No matter how credible and ingenious we are, grit will be why we win. Grit is passion for what we do, that feeling of living in our purpose and driving change. Grit is an energy, a mentality, a way of life. It is what pulls us through the hard times and keeps us going when we’ve already given it our all. It’s giving each other a push and encouraging word when we can’t give it to ourselves. It’s speaking up, being bold and believing in ourselves. In short, quick wins are great, but having the perseverance to bounce back from failures and play the long game is better.

Ingenuity: How we stand out

It’s what drives us to create things never created before. It’s why we challenge ourselves to try new things, fail fast, and get smarter. It’s what drives us to dig into what works and what doesn’t and to constantly improve. It’s what holds us accountable to not only innovate but to have high enough customer intelligence to ensure we develop the right solutions. In short, it’s great to be innovative and failure embracing, it’s better to apply and gain intelligence through our creativity.

Credibility: Our foundation

Without it, we are nothing but empty promises. Credibility ensures we do what we say we are going to do, and that we do it consistently. It’s what makes us a partner that our customers trust and an employer that provides stability and psychological safety. It makes us take responsibility for our failures and drives us to make things right. It allows us to focus on what’s right, not who’s right, allowing for high levels of transparency. In short, thinking we are great is helpful, but proving we are is what matters.


Adam Bonnifield

Board Member, CEO

Maximilian Hasler

Board Member, Founder, COO

Huschke Diekmann

Managing Director, CRO

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How we got here

The KONUX success story

Spring 2014

KONUX is founded in Munich by Andreas Kunze, Vlad Lata, Max Hasler and Dennis Humhal to enable the digitization of the rail industry

Spring 2015

KONUX raises a $2M seed round from Silicon Valley business angels

Summer 2015

KONUX starts working with Deutsche Bahn on the implementation of Infrastructure 4.0

Spring 2017

KONUX ramps up its Series A to $16M, in order to expand its AI capabilities and expand on the European market

Summer 2017

KONUX is nominated as one of the 30 most promising “Technology Pioneers” by the World Economic Forum

Spring 2018

KONUX raises a $23M series B round from existing investors to accelerate growth

Spring 2019

KONUX raises an extra $10M, bringing its Series B to a total of $33M

Fall 2019

KONUX starts working for 3 new European customers and is now active in 7 countries

Spring 2020

KONUX with 10 international customers in Europe and Asia

Winter 2020

KONUX wins Deutsche Bahn tender for the digitization of switches

Winter 2021

KONUX secures $80M in series C financing round