Your Benefits Package: ESOP Employee Stock Option Program

Learn more about the idea behind and how Employee Stock Options work.

The idea: Building KONUX together

Startup life can be challenging. At KONUX, we hold high standards and set ambitious goals. We’re on an exciting mission, and we have come to win. This means taking ownership and driving achievements. Working as a team putting KONUX’ success over personal and departmental goals. We know why we exist and how each and every one of us contributes to our vision. Letting you have a share in the company’s success by offering stock options is the only logical consequence.

So let’s own it and win together!

How employee stock options work

What are stock options?

• The right (not obligation) to purchase a share in the company
(= “exercising your options”)

• The price gets fixed when you join (= your “strike price”)

• Purchasing becomes possible after a certain time (“vesting”)

What do you do with the shares then?

• You can sell the stock immediately (some rules/exceptions)

• Or you can hold them

Why is it cool?

• Potentially, the stock’s value will increase and you can sell shares for a higher price than you purchase them

How does it work to exercise?


• Exercising means buying your shares

• In theory, you can do it anytime (once the options are vested)

• The price you pay is fixed (the income tax you pay can vary)

Vesting scheme:

• Vesting means you earn the right to buy your shares

• You first get a right to exercise after 1 year at KONUX (1/4 of your grant) – this is called a "cliff"

• From there, your options vest monthly over 3 more years (fully vested after 4 years at KONUX)

How does it work to sell?

• KONUX shares are not (yet) traded in a public market, so you basically make your own deal

• First right of refusal: KONUX and its investors have the right to buy back your shares at the same price you would be paid by a 3rd party, so notify the company first

• Capital gains tax will be charged on your earnings

What impacts your outcome?

• Offer option you selected: You can choose between 3 options, each containing a different amount of basic salary and stock options

• Point in time you joined the company

• Point in time you exercise

• Point in time you sell

Above all: The success of the company. So let’s all work to make KONUX really successful!

How to think and talk about ESOP (or not)

Look at it this way

• We all invest a lot in KONUX – time, passion, thought, effort,… If we manage to make the company successful, we could get a considerable financial reward later

• The ESOP is one way of showing we are all in this together – we all win, or we all lose

• The ESOP is one way we live our culture – we expect ownership and great performance, and we offer a share of the company’s success in return

Don’t expect

• A part of your salary that you should count on or plan with

• Any guarantee in terms of a future valuation or a resulting gain

• Any one success formula for how to best deal with your equity – it all depends on your personal preferences as well as the further development of the company, which no one can predict