Application Process

We want to make sure every new team member really fits with us and vice versa. Here is how we find out.


If you are interested in one of our open positions, please click "Apply now" within the certain job opening. You will be asked to provide some very basic information in a form and to upload your CV, certificates and any other information you consider necessary. Our company language is English, thus please provide all information in English. Besides your experience, we would love to know what you’re passionate about and why you want to join our team. Unsolicited applications are also possible; please use this link. For data privacy reasons, please don’t send your application via email.

Recruiter Screen

If your application got us curious, one of our recruiters will schedule a call with you for a first interview. Usually, this takes about an hour and has the purpose of getting to know you as a person and as a professional. We will ask about your current projects and how you think you can contribute to the KONUX success story. Also, we will tell you more about what we do and answer your questions. As our interview process is flexible, Recruiter Screen call and Hiring Manager Interview sometimes are combined into one call.

Hiring Manager Interview

The next step is to schedule an interview with the hiring manager, i.e. your potential team lead. Depending on the position, this can be combined with a hands-on working session in which we would like to understand your way of approaching a given challenge.

Cultural Group Interview

You will meet two employees from other parts of our business. This is meant to provide you with a better understanding of KONUX´s culture and values, as well as we would like to understand more about you as a person and your individual style of working.

Take-Home Assignment

For all coding positions we ask you to do a take-home assignment next. For certain other positions we also use case studies (before or after the hiring manager interview) to learn more about your skills and your way of working. The time effort for these assignments is limited and your work is not used beyond the recruiting process. Depending on the specifics of the vacancy, these Take-Home Assignments can be changed to "Live Coding Sessions" or "Live Presentations", which will be conducted during the Technical Group Interviews.

Technical Group Interview / Live Session

After a positive evaluation of your assignment, we will invite you to the technical group interview. You will present results from your assignment or conduct a "Live Session", meet future co-workers or stakeholders – and they will also answer your open questions.

Reference Call

After receiving your consent, we finally validate our positive impression of yours by conducting a reference call with a person that you have named to us.


It’s offer time! We would love to have you on board and will send you our offer letter explaining all the details of the deal, including salary, benefits and our option grant.


This is not strictly part of the application process, but for us, your experience doesn’t stop with a signed offer or contract. We have an extensive onboarding process to make sure you have all the information you need to get settled and up to speed at KONUX. It includes general introductions to all teams and their work as well as a detailed onboarding plan agreed between you and your manager. You will have regular check-ins to ensure you become a real part of our team.

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