Due to their flexible adaptability KONUX sensor systems can be used in various industrial sectors
Sensor Systems on Railways


Ensuring the full functionality of railway infrastructure is of critical importance to providing a reliable, safe, and timely service. Accelerometer-based sensor solutions provide the tools to continuously monitor railway switch condition and anticipate upcoming faults.

Sensor Systems in Industrial Pumps

Industrial Pumps

Industrial pumps play a major part in the production processes for numerous industries. KONUX sensor systems monitor their function and efficiency and identify developing problems to prevent failures.

Sensor Systems in Machine Tools

Machine Tools

Manufacturers face ever increasing requirements on tolerances and production efficiency. KONUX modular sensor solutions for machine tools enable them to meet these requirements by enhancing precision and efficiency of their processes.

Sensors in Industrial Automation | KONUX

Industrial Automation

The increasing automation of industrial production processes poses new challenges for measurement engineering. Precise sensor systems need to analyze complex production processes in very limited space.

Sensors in Robotics | KONUX


Autonomous machines react and interact with the aid of various sensors with their immediate environment. KONUX provides manufacturers with flexible and robust measurement systems.

Pipelines as one field of application for KONUX sensors


Leaks in pipelines not only reduce yield, but also pose a serious environmental and safety risk. Integrated pressure flow sensors facilitate the process monitoring.

Sensor in Drilling Applications | KONUX


Boring heads and drilling strings have to be monitored constantly to prevent damage. KONUX sensors withstand all relevant environmental influences and still deliver precise measurement even under stress.