Sensor Systems for Industrial Automation

Sensor systems play a central role in the functionality and control of industrial robots. KONUX sensor solutions can be the key to the acceleration and refinement of these processes.

Sensor Systems in Automated Manufacturing Processes

In addition, industrial automation leads to improvement in quality and quality assurance, as well as cheaper, faster, and more efficient manufacturing processes. Moreover, the automation trend will lead to a much more flexible production in the next years as well as mass production of individual products. Even small or medium sized series can be manufactured efficiently due to quickly convertible production facilities and rapid model changes, facilitating the production of a wide variety of products. The increasing automation of production processes has already changed the manufacturing industry: Robots are approved for direct cooperation with people (see “Robotics”), logistics processes are simplified with the help of data glasses, and machines are able to intelligently communicate over a network. Novel sensors innovatively connect systems to further the digitization and automation of the industry, and thus significantly reduce the burdens and risks for factory workers.

Advantages of KONUX Sensor Solutions in Industrial Automation

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Fast Reaction Time

Low smoothing reduces digital data processing

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Very accurate measuring signal with little disruption

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Intelligent Networking

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules facilitate communication

Automated Solutions and Intelligent Sensor Systems Reduce Machine Downtime and Enable Predictive Maintenance

Modern sensor solutions play a central role in the optimization of automated production processes. With our high-precision measurement and a reliable signal, human-machine interaction is simplified and made safer, and precise monitoring of the facilities is guaranteed. KONUX sensors furthermore offer mechanical storage of the signal in case of power failure or other equipment errors. The absolute measurement of the sensors is maintained and resumed upon restart. Thanks to their intelligent self-calibration can adapt to changing conditions while the machines are in full operation. Plant operators do not need to remove them from the machines and have them re-calibrated under altered conditions, reducing downtime and guaranteeing maximum capacity utilization of the equipment. Because of this, maintenance costs are also reduced. The sensors’ suitability for predictive maintenance further contributes to an increase in the plant efficiency. KONUX specifically designs all sensors for use in intelligently networked systems. Cutting-edge interfaces and transmission paths allow the plant operator to connect the products and to benefit from real time M2M communication. Due to the modular design of the sensors and the custom development of all products, they can be easily adapted to the exact requirements of the customer, and integrated into existing systems and networks.