Digitizing Railway

Acceleration-based sensor systems allow railway infrastructure managers to monitor infrastructure health and anticipate potential failures. This shift to predictive maintenance enables clients to decrease maintenance spending and make optimal use of available resources.

Monitoring Railway Infrastructure

Railroads today are ever more pressured to optimize infrastructure utilization and deliver higher passenger and freight capacity. As renewals and maintenance account for almost half of infrastructure managers’ expenditure, it has become paramount to do smart maintenance planning and spending. KONUX sensor systems allow railway infrastructure managers to decrease switch maintenance costs by up to 25% by anticipating failures and shifting to predictive, instead of reactive maintenance. Our sensors replace manual measurements and provide continuous monitoring to detect anomalies and prevent delay causing failures. Coupled with advanced analytical capability based on machine learning, KONUX sensor systems provide infrastructure maintenance managers with valuable insights into the health of switch infrastructure and help pave the road to Infrastructure 4.0.

Advantages of KONUX Solutions


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Real-time Monitoring

Autonomous and continuous monitoring


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Intelligent Networking

Wireless module transmits measurements to central data platform


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Embedded Analytics

Data is pre-processed in the sensor and algorithms detect critical wear



Deutsche Bahn and KONUX Digitize Railway

KONUX has already proven the solution with DB and helped them reduce maintenance costs and delay-causing failures. We replaced manual measurements by a position measurement system based on custom-made MEMS sensor clusters. This enables autonomous and continuous monitoring with wireless data transmission and battery life up to 3 years. The data is pre-processed in the sensor and machine learning algorithms in the cloud detect critical wear. The benefits are a cost reduction of 25% by minimizing downtime and maximizing performance. Through real-time monitoring, the health of all critical points can be tracked in real-time via the backend KONUX supplies. The shift towards predictive maintenance enables a better understanding of critical components and need-based maintenance.

Real-time Insight into Switch Health

Switches and crossings, a part of railway infrastructure that is often subject to excessive strain, require frequent and costly maintenance to ensure smooth operation and prevent potential accidents. High speed and heavy train loads deform the foundation below the track, allowing movement in the switch structure. This may cause damage to loosened switch components, like stretcher bars for example. The KONUX sensor solutions allow for real-time switch vibration monitoring, which can indicate incipient failures. Installed on the crosstie beneath the switch, our sensor systems measure the vertical position and identify anomalies that can lead to problems with ballast settlement, crosstie tilt, or stretcher bar cracks.