Sensor Solutions for Industrial Pumps

Retrofit sensor system combined with advanced software analytics allows pump maintenance managers to anticipate potential failures. This shift to predictive maintenance helps customers decrease maintenance costs and unscheduled downtime.

Predictive Maintenance for Industrial Pumps

Predictive maintenance of pump systems today is complex and expensive. Commercially available systems monitor condition using expensive sensors that require additional components for signal conditioning and extensive cable installation. The output is overwhelming amounts of data, which does little to address managers’ need for actionable maintenance tasks. In contrast, the KONUX online-monitoring solution provides maintenance managers with valuable insights into the health of their machines. KONUX sensors support maintenance decisions and increase machine availability and reliability by anticipating potential failures.

Benefits of KONUX Sensor Systems for Pump Health Monitoring


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MEMS-based vibration measurement and wireless data transmission enables 50% lower price per pump.


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Advanced Analytics

Deep-learning algorithms applied on sensor and machine data provide degradation/failure alerts and recommendations for maintenance activities.


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Wireless data transmission offers greater flexibility and eliminates expensive and time-consuming wire installation and maintenance.


KONUX Smart Sensor Systems for Industrial Pumps Monitoring


Industrial companies face an ever increasing pressure to reduce downtime and maintenance costs. Equipment failures can have severe consequences, including production delays and a range of operating and maintenance costs. Best-in-class manufacturing companies are already deploying predictive maintenance strategies to anticipate impending failures and optimize maintenance cycles. Those that have adopted such solutions have seen a reduction in unscheduled downtime of up to 45% and increase in production of 20% to 25%, based on a report published by the U.S. Department of Energy.

KONUX helps pump maintenance managers respond to these challenges by providing sensor systems that outperform existing solutions in terms of both cost and analytical capability. The compact design of the sensing unit and the integrated signal conditioning allow for fast and easy mounting on pump housing in under 1 hour. Once the system is permanently mounted it eliminates costly walkaround maintenance checks and improves quality of prediction through continuous diagnosis. Our MEMS sensor technology allows in-sensor signal conditioning, which reduces associated component costs and complexity, ultimately resulting in a significantly lower price per pump.