Sensor Systems for Machine Tools

Modular sensors enable the enhancement of machine tools to intelligent and adaptive systems. This allows monitoring the process parameters in real-time and simultaneous automatized machine setting corrections. Consequently, highest precision standards can be achieved and maintenance and calibration efforts get reduced.

Modular Sensor Systems to Enable Real-time Adaptations of Machine Tool Settings

Increasing requirements on quality and productivity put pressure on chipping productions. The adherence to product tolerances is hereby the crucial factor, which requires costly post-production measurements, and if the targets are not realized, likewise costly production stops. There are sensor solutions on the market to monitor the relevant parameters. Though, they are hard to integrate into the machines, expensive, and do not allow real-time adjustments of the machine settings. KONUX is currently developing sensor solutions, which will enable a “plug and play” integration, and will build, unified with the machine tool, an intelligent system. KONUX analytics will enable this system to identify deformations and malpositions within the machine and adjust its settings accordingly in real-time. This will ensure the realization of the tolerances, makes post-production measurements obsolete, and significantly cut the number of production stops. In addition to that, KONUX analytics software will simultaneously a clear visualization of the collected data, giving valuable process insights.

Advantages of KONUX Sensor Systems for Machine Tools

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Real-time Monitoring

Autonomous and continuous monitoring and machine setting adaptations to ensure production quality.


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“Plug & Play” Installation

Intelligent interfaces and standardized control integration allow easy and quick installation.

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Precise Measurement

Very accurate measuring signal with little disruption.

KONUX Sensor Systems for Machine Tools Monitor and React to the Positions of Workpiece and Spindle Head

As they are built out of differing materials, machine tools parts expand differently when the temperature changes. This can cause deviations from the planned position of workpiece and spindle head. The bigger the deviations, the more likely is it, that the produced part fails to fulfill the aspired tolerances. Furthermore, incorrect handling of the machine can as well cause a missing of the tolerances and beyond that machine damages. In order to minimize the impact of these errors, KONUX solutions will be composed of modular sensors, which measure vibrations, tilts, and angles. The collected data will be interpreted by our analytics software. Based on those respective adjustments of the machinery settings will be conducted in real time, to ensure optimal machine operations.