Digitize Every Thing

Monitor, analyze and understand your assets & infrastructure and make unplanned maintenance a thing of the past, with the help of our four-layer approach.

Know How

Our approach is based on one simple truth: Continuous asset monitoring is not enough if you don’t also make sense of the generated data. At the same time, the most sophisticated algorithms won’t help taken on their own – they have to be based on precise and correct data. This is why we’ve developed a customized end-to-end solution that helps you Measure, Connect, Analyse and Act, and get the insights you need to predict and plan maintenance, and enhance your performance.

Measure what you need

First you need data. We identify the exact information that is necessary to make meaningful predictions. If this requires generating additional data, we provide you with hardware in the form of smart sensor systems, customized to your specific requirements. All of this to help you measure what you need.

Connect what you know

It all comes together in the cloud. With the help of wireless transmission and secure cloud storage, you’ll have all important information in one place. The cloud combines data from different sources and makes it accessible at any time and place, helping you connect what you know.

Dig deeper into your data

Smart algorithms work wonders. We apply artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze your data. This helps us move from pure descriptions of your assets’ health to predicting future developments and preventing downtime. Maximize the window for maintenance and dig deeper into your data.

Act on your knowledge

Complex information made comprehensible: The results of our analytics are presented in a user-friendly way on our customized frontend, or integrated into your tools. This gives you maximum flexibility on how and where to keep track of your assets.

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