Bringing about exciting new capabilities with an inquisitive mindset

Louis Saadé, Senior Product Manager, 17.03.2022

After his graduation in electronics engineering, Louis worked as a researcher at the University of Birmingham’s railway research center for almost seven years, working alongside partners in the industry all over the world to turn innovative ideas in the field of condition monitoring and predictive maintenance into actual products. He then worked for Deutsche Bahn for three years as both a specialist in railway condition monitoring and a Product Manager before moving to KONUX. In the following, he is giving insights into his role as a Senior Product Manager:

Pushing the boundaries of what is possible

I’m an engineer at heart with a passion for technology and solving problems. At KONUX, I’m a Senior Product Manager and my responsibilities lie in determining what product features and products we should develop next, which is a challenging thing to figure out but is very rewarding when done right. Having a background in research and academia, I’ve also brought that inquisitive mindset with me and am always trying to push the boundaries of what is possible and working to bring about exciting new capabilities as fast as possible.

Democratizing information by combining tech, railway know-how, and user experience

I’ve been working in the railway industry for about a decade and have seen a huge shift in the way people approach and accept technology. There are still a lot of challenges to solve but I believe we as an industry are going in the right direction. One thing that saddens me is when I see silos of information that don’t make their way to the key people that need to make decisions. I am on a constant mission to break down those barriers as I think that together as an industry we can progress a lot faster than individually. As Product Managers, we’re at the intersection of tech, business and the user experience which is really cool for me since I’m passionate about democratizing information to our users. My day-to-day involves combining my knowledge about the railways with my technical background in electronics, software and data science, meaning that I’m making use of the majority of my knowledge and experience, which I personally find very fulfilling. I also love working alongside people that are experts in their respective fields as I’m always learning new things and further developing my professional self.

Motivated by impact and the flexibility to work in the way that suits you best

One of the best things about working for KONUX is that although we’re growing, the team is small enough and we’re still figuring out our place in the world that everyone can make a significant impact on the company. People have the freedom to work in the ways that suit them best, we have a very flexible hybrid working environment currently and while I really enjoy being in the office, getting to know people over virtual coffees wasn’t so bad. I’ve only been here for slightly over five months but I feel like I’ve gotten to know almost everyone already.

In one sentence: Why KONUX?
The team. We have a very international, open-minded, and fun bunch of people that are all super passionate about what they do, and it’s a pleasure to work around them all.

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