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History & Philosophy

Learn more about the beginnings of KONUX and the guidelines we defined for our work

”Industry 4.0 and the Industrial Internet of Things will enable significant improvements and drive major change in industrial companies. Connected sensors will be at the core of those improvements and the sensor market will be growing even more rapidly than in the past. KONUX is a first mover in this space and has all the ingredients to become a major player.”


The story behind KONUX

KONUX - The Story

The KONUX story started a few months before the actual founding in 2014. During a workshop at the Technical University of Munich, a young entrepreneur realized the potential behind smart sensor systems to digitalize industrial companies. Andreas Kunze, studying Information Systems at that time, was joined by Vlad Lata and Dennis Humhal on his path to build a new company. In March 2014 the group founded KONUX GmbH, named after a portmanteau between the ancient Greek “konus”, for cone, and the latin “lux”, for light. Shortly after the company was founded, KONUX received recognition through numerous competitions. KONUX placed first in the Munich Business Plan Contest, and won the EIT ICT Idea Challenge in the field of cyber physical systems, worth € 15,000 and € 40,000, respectively. Additionally, KONUX is part of Founder.org, an early stage Silicon Valley VC, launched by entrepreneur and investor Michael Baum. Founder.org awarded KONUX the title “one of the most promising startups of the year 2014” and won an award of € 100,000. With the help of our investors and venture capital funding, we are able to fuel innovation and continue to develop and build smart sensor systems for industrial companies on the road to Industry 4.0. Thanks to a unique network made up of excellence initiatives of Munich universities (Center for Digital Technology and Management, CDTM, UnternehmerTUM GmbH), as well as supporters and industrial partners in Germany and the US, KONUX was able to grow rapidly in a short amount of time. In addition to its headquarters in Munich, KONUX has an office in Silicon Valley, California. The original team has grown to encompass over 30 employees. The most significant progress, however, has taken place place in the field of sensor technology and the corresponding software. Since 2015, cooperation projects with corporate partners such as Deutsche Bahn have focused on gathering possible use cases for KONUX sensors. Today, KONUX creates tailor-made products for its clients. KONUX sensors are applied in a wide range of industries, including railway infrastructure, screw automation, industrial pumps, machine tools, as well as testing equipment. Here at KONUX we combine sensor expertise with advanced software analytics to enable a more efficient and effective Industrial Internet of Things.

Innovative Technology Driven by the Best Engineers

We aim to offer a superior alternative to conventional sensor systems and fix prevalent problems in traditional industrial monitoring technology and software. To this end, we continuously advance our KONUX technologies, and stay up-to-date with developments in the industrial sector. Our sensors, coupled with our Andromeda cloud solution, come as a comprehensive platform for our clients. From sophisticated data collection to state-of-the-art visualization and intelligent data-analysis, we empower you to make real-time decisions based on precise data. KONUX sensors make the Industrial Internet of Things possible. Our technology is the result of the combination of the industrial know-how of experienced engineers and the innovative spirit of young inventors. KONUX engineers transform innovative ideas into real products of the highest quality, with each product precisely crafted to fulfil the needs of our customers.

Individualized Solutions for Our Customers

Our philosophy is, that our customers should always come first. We are here to make your life simpler and more intuitive. Our sensors are designed for easy integration, and our software offers exceptional user experience, both without loss in technological advancement. To us, placing you first means custom development of our products to exactly fit your needs, and enabling you to explore further applications of your product through the use of more precise and robust sensor solutions. Customer focus begins with the development of our products. With all our KONUX sensors made according to customer specifications, we are able to make your individual requirements the starting point of our products. By working as a team to integrate our new technology into your already-functioning system, we can improve existing products and processes in your company. With our hardware and software, you will be able to tackle new areas of application and improve the performance and longevity of your machines. KONUX sensor systems support you on your mission towards intelligent cross-linking of your equipment and future-oriented optimization of your processes. Discover new possibilities and take the next step towards the Industrial Internet of Things in cooperation with KONUX.

Experienced Talent and Future-Oriented Thinking

KONUX offers an interdisciplinary team comprised of members who have experience in areas as diverse as electrical and mechanical engineering, software development, machine learning, automotive engineering, production and logistics, business, and mechatronics. In constant communication with each other, we combine our knowledge and creativity in order to advance our clients' enterprises. Thanks to flat hierarchies and short communication paths, new ideas can be implemented quickly, and customer requests are carried out instantly. We see ourselves as an industrial company that meets the high expectations of a traditional industry without losing the innovative spirit of a dynamic team of digital natives. Thanks to the combination of experience and progress, KONUX is your reliable partner for future-oriented, customer-specific sensors and software. Together, we will revolutionize the sensor industry.