Our Application Process

We believe in ourselves as being a positive, tech-driven and open-minded team, balancing expertly on the fine line between German accuracy and Silicon Valley speed of innovation. If that sounds like your kind of thing, feel free to apply.

Find a Position

Start with finding a suitable position from the open employment ads. There is none that is correctly describing your skills? Talk to us, we are always looking for unique talent and are happy to find something for you.

Online Application

When you like what you see and believe KONUX would fit you, please provide us with your CV, your certificates, and an application letter as a PDF file. You can upload them online. Please let us know who you are, what makes you unique and what you are passionate about. Tell us how you want to contribute to building great products for our customers, what your ideas are and where you want to help us improve ourselves. Our business operations team will reply to you within a week.

Phone Interview

If your application got us curious, we will schedule a phone interview with you for a first interview. Usually, this just takes 20-30 minutes and has the purpose of getting to know you as a person and as a professional. We will ask you about your current projects and how you think you can contribute to the KONUX success story. Also, we will tell you more about what we do and how we operate here at KONUX. So that you can decide, if KONUX fits you.

Home Assignment

If we believe after our phone interview that you could be a perfect match, we will provide you with a case study to prepare at home. There are different cases for all departments which tell us more about your skills and your way of working. There is no time limit for the assignment, but the faster you submit your findings, the sooner you can become a KONUX.

Team Lead Interview

If we can picture you at KONUX, we will schedule another interview with the responsible team lead. This will happen either on-site or remote, depending on where you are. We will talk about the home assignment, your skill-set, and our values. Also, it gives us and you a great possibility to check whether our character traits fit each other. For interns, this will be the final application step.

Personal Interview

Are you and your team lead are convinced? All right, so it is time to meet the rest of the team. For this interview, we finally want you to come to the office so the team can get a personal impression of you. For the full-time position, the appointment consists of two meeting blocks with two interviewers each. Topics covered are expertise, leadership, cognitive ability and teamwork. We just want to find out how good you are at what we do here and whether you are the kind of person we would like to have lunch with every day. Having that said, please don’t dress up but come as you would on a regular work day!

Join us and Jump in

Finally, no more interviews, no more tests! If you passed the last hurdles, we will let you know within a few days and send you the contract together with all the required documents. As soon as you submit those, there is only one thing left to say: Welcome to KONUX!

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Ready to apply?

For any questions about our open positions or our recruiting process please contact us directly. Maximilian Rupp will answer all your questions and is happy to help. Find our open positions here.

+49 159 0435 0369

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