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Hire, Grow, Keep – The pillars of our People Ops work

We want to build a team of strong and highly motivated individuals, create a culture in which we all love to work and where we find opportunity for growth. When looking for new people, we try really hard to make sure that they fit with the company, and that is why we are very open about the reality at KONUX – challenges included.

Our three company values


Grit is our special sauce. No matter how credible and ingenious we are, grit will be why we win. Grit is passion for what we do, that feeling of living in our purpose and driving change. Grit is an energy, a mentality, a way of life. It is what pulls us through the hard times and keeps us going when we’ve already given it our all. It’s giving each other a push and encouraging word when we can’t give it to ourselves. It’s speaking up, being bold and believing in ourselves. In short, quick wins are great, but having the perseverance to bounce back from failures and play the long game is better.


Ingenuity is what makes us stand out. It’s what drives us to create things never created before. It’s why we challenge ourselves to try new things, fail fast, and get smarter. It’s what drives us to dig into what works and what doesn’t and to constantly improve. It’s what holds us accountable to not only innovate but to have high enough customer intelligence to ensure we develop the right solutions. In short, it’s great to be innovative and failure embracing, it’s better to apply and gain intelligence through our creativity.


Credibility is our foundation, without it, we are nothing but empty promises. Credibility ensures we do what we say we are going to do, and that we do it consistently. It’s what makes us a partner that our customers trust and an employer that provides stability and psychological safety. It makes us take responsibility for our failures and drives us to make things right. It allows us to focus on what’s right, not who’s right, allowing for high levels of transparency. In short, thinking we are great is helpful, but proving we are is what matters.

Are you ready to work with us?

Besides our three company principles there are a few other things you need to know to understand KONUX. Our culture is built on openness and direct feedback, which can be challenging at times, but we believe that it makes us grow. Feedback works in every direction: Top-down, bottom-up, as well as among peers. Be ready to give and receive it all the time!

By growth we also mean that we ask a lot from ourselves and from each other. We set ambitious goals for the company, every sub-team and each individual on a quarterly basis. We expect everyone to understand how they contribute to our company goals, and also keep in mind how they personally want to develop and what they need for that. Be ready to be your best!

Another thing we value highly is alignment within the team. We strive to constantly improve our communication processes, and we have a number of formats in place to ensure that everyone is kept up to date – such as our weekly all-hands meetings or our quarterly planning sessions. Be ready to share your knowledge and any information that is important for the team!

We also believe in the power of personal relationships, and we provide ample opportunity for our team to get together and bond. There are regular team dinners, workshops and quarterly getaways where we spend a day or two offsite to hike, ski, bike, canoe, surf, swim, fly…and just hang out. Be ready to get to know us!

The good life

We ask a lot, but we also provide an environment in which our teams can thrive. Our offices are built to provide us with a variety of work spaces to choose from: There is an open space with desks, traditional and stand-up meeting rooms, cosy corners and auditoriums…and, of course, our kitchens, which are always stacked with fresh fruit, snacks, coffee, tea and more.

We also offer free membership to the gym, and we organize regular health days for our teams.

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