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We are constantly seeking ways to enhance performance, career growth, and foster a culture of continuous improvement - On an organizational as well as individual level. In this article, our HR Business Partners Laure and Asad talk about 360 Feedback & Growth at KONUX.


Self reflection is a great first step when it comes to growing and improving how we work, but getting insights from our peers is essential to understand the opportunities we have and how we can change. The feedback has to be comprehensive if we want to be better as a team.

HR Business Partner

At KONUX we are constantly seeking ways to enhance performance, career growth, and foster a culture of continuous improvement. This applies to KONUX as a whole but also to every individual. This was the reason we came up with the 360-Growth & Feedback Cycle. As the name suggests this is a comprehensive approach and gathers feedback from various stakeholders, to provide the employee a chance for feedback, recognition & growth!


We started off by defining the purpose of the process & its objectives. We wanted a process that focuses on feedback to improve performance and to talk about some shortcomings. We also needed to define the competencies that we wanted to grow, and finally decide who we get the feedback from. Finally we wanted to make the process transparent as well as communicate throughout the organization, and give proper training, both managerial as well as employee training on how to give, receive & interpret feedback. The goal of this was to make everyone understand the importance & purpose of this ensuring maximum participation. At KONUX, this was a simpler task as our employees are very proactive in providing feedback and want to be involved in improving themselves & the organization.


Ensuring confidentiality

At KONUX we have a very open feedback culture, therefore it was a tough decision deciding to make the reviews anonymous. However, the advantages of having everyone in the organization feel secure in providing feedback to anyone, without fear of judgment or reprise, prevailed. In the end we wanted to enable our team members to reflect on their feedback, and be more open about their responses.

multiple data sources

Collecting data from multiple sources

As stated before, we wanted to collect the feedback from multiple stakeholders, which include managers, peers in & outside the departments as there is a lot of cross collaboration in the organization. This provided a comprehensive view of how an individual performed in the last quarters, and highlighted strengths as well as areas for improvement from different perspectives that the direct manager might not be able to see. This takes care of potential blind spots as well as reduces biases in the process.


Post cycle communication

No 360 cycle can be complete or successful without post cycle communication. How feedback is communicated & delivered is the main contributor to whether the whole cycle will be a success or a learning. 

We scheduled manager training around this area to make sure we provide constructive & clear feedback in a profound manner and do not forget the focus of this cycle which is to not determine or judge performance but to focus on constructive feedback, recognition and highlighting areas of improvement. It was also important for us to ensure that this feedback is delivered in a supportive manner which is helpful to the overall development of the individual. Hence the name: Feedback & Growth Cycle.

Finally, we wanted to encourage and motivate people to reflect on the results as well as with their managers to formulate action plans for improvement. Fortunately, our tool that we use for our cycle, is great in the sense that it takes the hassle out of post cycle actions where the manager & their direct report can create action plans for their improvement and revert back to it during every 1:1 they have and be able to set up initiatives to complete the plan and regularly monitor & update them to see where they are and make changes accordingly.

Constructive, clear feedback & recognition is essential to the growth of an individual both on a personal & professional level. Without feedback, people do not have a chance to connect to their work.

Senior HR Business Partner

Final Thoughts 

After careful planning and deciding we wanted to focus on individual development, we communicated this plan to the leaders and after some back and forth through constructive feedback we were able to implement & complete a comprehensive Feedback & Growth Cycle.

We had plenty of learnings in this cycle, and despite some setbacks like time constraints and work overload we were able to reach our mission which was simple: Empowering the people at KONUX to connect to their work on a deeper level, get constructive feedback from all areas & partners they work with to develop and achieve success both professionally and personally.


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