Driving the transformation of a decisive industry

Senior Solution Engineer Matis , 25.01.2022

Before he joined KONUX, the Italian Software Engineer gained more than 15 years of experience in different roles and companies within the railway industry. Most recently by driving sales opportunities at the leading communication systems and display technologies in traffic, transit, smart cities and industry. Matis always strives to build strong, enjoyable relationships that help him broaden his view and open his mind. At KONUX, he uses these skills and his comprehensive industry knowledge to be the trusted liaison between customers and product & engineering teams, guiding the product roadmap and positioning the solution the optimal way. In the following, Matis will give a glimpse into his everyday life at KONUX.

Excited by impact, driven by profound technical understanding and strong relationships

I’m an engineer, passionate about understanding technologies as well as people and different cultures. I care about the future of our planet – about enabling society to live sustainably. That is why I want to use new technologies to transform the world, elevating it to an advanced, greener stage. I’m also passionate about mobility – the field I spent most of my career in – and playing an active part in the transformation of an industry as decisive and historic as railway is the best way I can imagine to contribute.

Truly believing that it will help increase the usage of railway and move us towards a more sustainable future by lowering CO2 emissions, I’m trying to show the railway infrastructure organizations what a huge transformation the KONUX solution could bring in terms of efficiency, cost reduction and on field operations improvements. My goal is to help our customers to improve their maintenance processes through the transformation of their standard operations. I deeply investigate the maintenance processes of each of our customers and, together with them, try to identify key action points to shift the maintenance model from the one based on fixed schedules to a more efficient and effective, predictive one.

Playing an active role in transforming a pivotal industry and contributing to the health of our planet

Railway is a historic industry that grew and improved its structures over years and years, focusing on safety first. Naturally, the long proven-in-use devices, structures and procedures are the main drivers and bases for the whole system. Consequently, there is a certain caution and suspicion regarding the introduction of new technologies. I take a deep-dive into the customer organization and find out how the KONUX solution could help them in practical terms, taking the customer by the hand and helping them to transform their operating model into one that allows to increase system efficiency: Lowering maintenance costs and increasing usability of infrastructures.

I’m passionate about my role because I can be part of a transformational process of a historic and huge sector such as railway. I will not just witness it, seeing it happen anyway, regardless of my presence. I will push and drive it. It gives me a chance to actively contribute to the health of the planet, which – with a higher railway mobility rate – could benefit from a less polluted environment.

Pushing towards the common goal and growing together along the way

KONUX is an aggregate of talented people who push in the same direction, often in an original and funny way, to achieve the goals together. Joining KONUX is embracing a working and life culture that believes in innovation, trust in its team members encouraging having fun working together. I believe It is one of the best places to work. Joining KONUX also means entering an open mind environment where everyone’s opinion really counts, being an intrapreneur of yourself and striving for common goals. Working here gives the possibility to meet smart people who would not tell you what to do, but walks you to use your best talents to make the difference. Each one is encouraged to improve himself by taking advantage of the healthy and stimulating work environment and subscribing to the training courses that better can help to develop personal skills. We are a startup with huge potential, so if we succeed the company will grow tremendously, opening up different possibilities.

More Insights

In one sentence: Why KONUX?

KONUX is a unique place where you can work for the railway field in a company whose values and culture really drive its development.

What was your favorite KONUX moment so far?

Drinking a beer in the office kitchen with colleagues, when a work day is coming to an end. Mixing work-related conversations and talking about interesting personal experiences.

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