From start-up to scale-up

Quentin’s journey in the KONUX Revenue Team, 29.03.2023

Every amazing product’s success has remarkable people behind it. From ideation to ensuring the best of customer outcomes, our team’s role in our growth is unmistakable. This week, we had the chance to dive into a special KONUX personality that our customers likely know well: Our Customer Success Manager Quentin.

Hey there! Please tell us a bit about yourself – Who are you?

I am Quentin, 33 years old, Franco-Belgian. I have 10 years of experience in the transportation industry around the world: space industry in the UK, automotive industry in Thailand and, finally, railway industry in Germany.

Having the chance to live in Munich, close to the mountains, I spend most of my free time biking, skiing, hiking and climbing. My passion for bikes and travel has been growing over time and in order to merge both these passions, a life goal of mine is to cycle around the world.

What do you do at KONUX?

I am the Customer Success Manager for the french-speaking customers, Japan and the Nordics. I have recently expanded my scope toward project management for internal development projects (our future features!).

Customer Success Management is a very broad role, that’s what makes it extremely interesting. Our mission is, as the name suggests, to help our customers succeed at their goals. Concretely, that means:

  • Flawlessly delivering our product to the customer, e.g. coordinate the installation of our IoT devices, fine-tune our product to each customer’s infrastructure specificities, integrate our insights into their monitoring platform if they wish and much more
  • Ensuring they are getting the maximum out of our product by helping them integrate our insights into their processes and provide them with personalized reports.
  • Making sure their feedback is heard and worked on within our organization in order to improve our product
Why is it exciting? What do you like most about it?

It never gets boring! The scope of my role is very large and each customer is different: they have different expectations, different pain points, different decision processes. Each day is different and brings a lot of surprises, that’s what makes my role thrilling.

You’ve been with KONUX for 4 years now… How has your role changed over time?

I joined KONUX 4 years ago as a Bid Manager and moved to Customer Success Management 2 years ago. Since then, my role has developed quite a bit: additional customers, additional responsibilities and now managing some internal development projects.

When I came to KONUX we were only a 40-person start-up. Now there are more than 150 employees in our scale-up. A lot has changed in the past 4 years and despite missing the process-free “organized mess” of my early days, we managed to maintain the will and focus to deliver the best product possible for our customers.

What helped you along the way?

The answer will definitely not be original but, without a doubt, people. On the one hand, my customer contacts have always been willing to openly share their opinions, feedback and knowledge about the industry with me and, on the other hand, we have at KONUX a strong culture of helping and supporting each other.

What has been your favorite KONUX moment in those years?

I was the bid manager in charge of our proposal for the DB project we were awarded at the end of 2020: as such, I was the first one in the company to receive the news about the award. That was an incredible feeling of accomplishment.

Some (Fun) Facts

Favorite KONUX value: Grit
Longest train ride you’ve done so far: Bangkok – Chiang Rai, a 24h ride