At KONUX we’re striving to transform railway operations for a sustainable future.

We successfully built the KONUX Predictive Maintenance System for rail switches, which is the first AI-based solution for the rail industry. Together with Deutsche Bahn (DB) we’re working on the digitization of its switches in the first-ever cloud-based SaaS infrastructure project. With the number of railway infrastructure projects for customers in many countries across Europe and Asia increasing rapidly, our core engineering and product teams’ focus is on delivery. We asked ourselves what it takes to identify promising products and technologies to extend our product roadmap and stay ahead of time. The answer was to put together a fully dedicated team focusing on the development of our future portfolio.

Introducing KONUX Labs

What is KONUX Labs?

A cross-functional team, working through our notions and assumptions, market analyses, and technical feasibility studies with full steam.

Getting to the next big thing – faster

Which are the best ideas for the next new products on the horizon that help improve railway infrastructure? And what does it take to get them market-ready? We look into new technologies and solutions and identify the products we want to bring to the market within the next couple of years.

Developing new ideas, reviewing external input, conducting market analysis, business planning, competition analysis, feasibility studies, and prototypes, KONUX Labs team is constantly evaluating new opportunities. Successful proof of concept jointly with a pilot customer should result in a new compelling product, which eventually goes live and will be a new addition to future railway infrastructure’s portfolio.

What and who are we looking for?

The team will evaluate different approaches to create a new product offering as quickly as possible. This explicitly includes M&A target evaluation as well as partnering. Ideas in the funnel will entail evaluating technologies, sensors, or companies as well as starting from product ideas. The final responsibility of the team is to prepare an investment package and pitch to the executive team, and eventually the board of directors to kick off the creation of such a product.

Do you want to play a role in this? Check out our open positions, read more about our culture and way of working at KONUX and get in touch: