KONUX Traffic


Growing Demand and Cost

Rail demand is growing and is expected to double by 2050. To keep up with this growing demand, use of existing infrastructure will need to be optimised to meet increases in both passenger and freight traffic. There are estimated delays of around 53 million minutes per annum globally, a significant proportion of which are caused by minor conflicts within the timetable, or late-running trains impacting on other services. Small primary delays can quickly spread across a network creating secondary effects, often leading to three times as many reactionary delay minutes. This ultimately results in €16B in wasted annual capacity and over €382 billion in delay minute costs.

KONUX Traffic

KONUX Traffic is a decision support solution for managing rail traffic operations that utilises train movement data and algorithms based on neural networks to improve train punctuality and timetable resilience. It determines where and how often delays happen, highlighting trigger events and their impact across the network to enable railway operators to improve punctuality. In addition, it builds on that information as well as uncovered patterns of underutilised capacity to inform optimised timetables. And in the unfortunate event of a disruption occurring, it aims to provide guidance on the best way to recover the service for minimum impact across the network.

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