Learn More About The Industrial Internet of Things


We put together some of the most useful sources about the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

Who taught us about the Industrial Internet (IIoT)

“Standing on the shoulders of giants”, this famous quote is a very suitable description for the relationship between scientists and those who inspired them.

At KONUX, we consider ourselves experts. We are a company with many different areas of expertise. However, our knowledge about these topics did not simply materialize from thin air. We invested a lot of time into learning the things that we now know very well. One of the key topics for us is the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

This list contains websites of industry experts, content hubs and more information about the IIoT. From institutions like the Industrial Internet Consortium to media outlets like Designworld, we present different types of pioneers in the field of IIoT.

McRock Capital

A venture capital fund specialized on companies actively implementing IIoT ideas and thus creating great products and services. They are an interesting company, but also produce and promote valuable content e.g. guides and reports from cooperations with industry leaders like Cisco, Verizon, McKinsey or the World Economic Forum. These guides and reports revolve around different topics, for example, apps in the IIoT.


Accenture describes themselves as “one of the world’s leading professional services companies, providing consulting and outsourcing services through our strategy, digital, technology, and operations capabilities”. They also publish great pieces about the Industrial Internet of Things. Have a look at their latest report to stay up to date on all things IIoT.


This short article introduces the changes in automation brought about by the Industrial Internet of Things. Missing standards, data processing, and sensors are some of the topics within the article. The piece by Leslie Langnau is a great read, but what is even better are the sources listed in the Appendix. If you are working in automation and just getting started on IIoT, you should definitely check out some of these websites. You can learn a lot more, or at least find out what your competitors are up to.

Industrial Internet Consortium

One of the most thorough collections about the IIoT on the web. The Industrial Internet Consortium is one of the biggest forums for anything connected to the industrial internet. It regularly publishes position papers and frameworks. Its member directory is impressive and a lot of the content they put out is accessible for everyone.

McKinsey and Bosch

We don’t have to explain who these two are. This discussion between two experts from McKinsey and the CEO of Bosch Software Innovations GmbH as well as the deputy chairman of the board of Robert Bosch GmbH revolves around the IIoT and the next era of manufacturing. One of the most compelling quotes from the interview is about the connection between information and physical flows:

“Most companies think of physical flows—meaning the flow of material components through the supply chain—as separate from information flows and then consider how and where to coordinate and synchronize them. After the fourth industrial revolution, there will no longer be a difference between information and materials, because products will be inextricably linked to “their” information.” Markus Loeffler (McKinsey)


IBM owns a great website about big data applications and future challenges. In the blog section of the website, one can find info about predictive maintenance in avionics, sensors in drilling, the IIoT and other big data affiliated reports and articles. You will find the industry part of the site here.


We publish our own material about the IIoT as well, and our CTO, Vlad Lata, wrote a great piece about the opportunities for sensor technologies in the IIoT.

This list is a work in progress. We will keep it updated and are open to suggestions. Do you know a good source to learn about IIoT, Industry 4.0 or related topics? Contact us and let us know.