Oc’Via Maintenance CEO Bruno Dabilly: “Innovation is the key to top performance”

One year of partnership between Oc’Via Maintenance and KONUX, 28.09.2020

Paris/Munich One year into Oc’Via Maintenance’s partnership with KONUX, both companies expressed that the ongoing cooperation is delivering positive results. “We are really satisfied both with KONUX’s team and the results provided. They are doing a great job,” said Bruno Dabilly, CEO of Oc’Via Maintenance.

For Oc’Via Maintenance deploying the newest technologies enables predictive maintenance by gathering more data about their numerous switches and connections. In addition, Oc’Via Maintenance also wants to ensure the most efficient and effective maintenance regimes by being able to timely evaluate the quality of maintenance actions. Finally, to learn more about the traffic going over the network and adapt mid- to long-term planning accordingly.

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“At Oc’Via Maintenance, we are deeply convinced that innovation is the key to top performance. Collecting and analyzing data from the field allows us to prevent defaults, and thus providing a high quality of service for commercial trains. We have decided to develop and implement tools to ensure continuous and effective monitoring of the asset condition and its evolution over time before failures occur. We want to integrate more artificial intelligence in railway maintenance, we want to use machine learning. This is why we chose KONUX solutions for our ambitious task,” Bruno Dabilly continued.

“We see our cooperation with Oc’Via Maintenance as a partnership for innovation and a unique opportunity to work closely and openly with a pioneering maintenance rail company,” said Andreas Kunze, CEO of KONUX. “We appreciate the transparency in our cooperation, which allows us to continuously improve not just the accuracy and usability of our Predictive Maintenance System, but also find new ways to deliver value. Oc’Via Maintenance helps us to establish "ground truth" about the maintenance and operation of their entire railway network as well as learn how we can transform processes.” Bruno Dabilly continued: “Our part of the partnership is to give KONUX feedback about defaults classification so that their predictive maintenance algorithm gets better and better over time. Our common goal is to have an efficient model. That will allow us to optimize our maintenance operations of switches. The partnership is ongoing, we have just signed an extension of our agreement.”

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The length of Oc’Via Maintenance’s network totals to 80 km, of which 60 km is a new mixed line (freight and passengers) between Manduel (east of Nîmes) and Lattes (west of Montpellier), 10 km is a freight link with the existing line towards Givors in the Rhône, known as the right bank of the Rhône, and the remaining 10 km consists of connections to the existing French National rail network at Lattes and Manduel. There are 52 switches and crossings, of which 45 have been equipped by KONUX.

About Oc’Via Maintenance

From 2017 to 2037, Oc’Via Maintenance is in charge of preventive and corrective maintenance and renewal of the mixed line of the Nîmes and Montpellier railway bypass (CNM). It carries out inspections for all of the line’s assets: track, catenary, signaling, and telecommunications. Oc’Via Maintenance’s shareholders are Bouygues Travaux Publics, Spie Batignolles, Alstom Transport, and Colas Rail.


KONUX is a leading German AI scale-up, transforming railway operations for a sustainable future. The company combines Machine Learning and IIoT to deliver Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions for operation, monitoring, and maintenance process automation. KONUX increases capacity, reliability, and cost-efficiency to make railway the mobility choice of tomorrow. Since its foundation in 2014, KONUX has raised more than $50 million from world-leading investors, expanded to multiple countries in Europe and Asia, and was selected by the World Economic Forum (WEF) as one of the world’s 30 most innovative start-ups and scale-ups worldwide. For more information please go to www.konux.com.

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