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When Ingenuity Meets Data

Our portfolio of solutions bridges the information gap between infrastructure maintenance and operations by addressing some of the hardest problems in railway.

The exponential value of data

Some see data as “the new oil” – defined as a diminishing resource, valuable in its scarcity. A resource worth protecting and competing for. Not us. For us, data has an unlimited potential and is to be shared and grown. At our core, we are experts in realizing the exponential value of data, by applying state-of-the-art data science and machine learning.

The railway industry disconnect

The reality for railways is different from many modern technology driven industries. While complexity and control are inherent to the railway system, when it comes to information, siloed approaches fail to produce the kind of solutions which will set railway to be the mobility choice of tomorrow. Suppliers lack the incentive to make crucial connections and utilise data in new and creative ways.

We see problems as connected

Only by exploring the interconnectedness between maintenance and operations on the asset, network and traffic level, can we unleash the true value of data. The same piece of data can produce insights for asset maintenance planning, for optimizing operations, or even to inform passengers about delays. Or it can be fused with other data to produce something entirely different. This enables a much more efficient way of managing the entire system: from how and when maintenance is performed, where trains are run, and how budgets, resources, and capacity are ultimately optimized.

Addressing rail’s hardest problems

Konux Switch

Our predictive maintenance solution for rail switches uses machine learning and IIoT to enable delay free switches at an optimal cost

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Konux Traffic

Our timetable optimization and delay mitigation solution helps route directors, dispatchers, and planners tackle capacity bottlenecks and optimize planning.

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