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The KONUX Predictive Maintenance System helps infrastructure managers improve network availability, prolong asset lifetime, and empower their employees to make maintenance more efficient.

The switch is the most critical asset of the railway infrastructure

Railway networks have to cope with increasing load and aging infrastructure. As maintenance needs get more frequent, manual inspections don’t suffice to detect them in advance. Switches are the most critical part of the rail infrastructure, causing approximately 20% of infrastructure-related delay minutes and costing €12bn a year globally to maintain and replace.

The KONUX Predictive Maintenance System for Rail Switches

The KONUX system is an end-to-end solution which uses IIoT sensors and artificial intelligence to improve network availability, extend asset lifetime and reduce costs. It continuously monitors and analyzes the health of key switch components such as the track bed, and frog, and provides actionable recommendations. It ultimately allows for better maintenance planning by helping infrastructure managers anticipate failures before they happen and know the optimal time and type of maintenance needed.

Get the full overview and clear priorities

The dashboard gives you a 24/7 overview of all your critical assets and their condition. Combining that with the operational importance of the asset, you can act on your key availability drivers directly from the comfort of the office.

See and prevent failures before they happen

In addition to current issues, our advanced AI core is also able to predict how the condition of switch components will develop in the next 90 days and notifies you when actions need to be taken. That allows you to plan better the timing of maintenance measures, such as tamping, or grinding a frog, for example. This way, you are in control of your maintenance needs and asset availability.

Validate the effectiveness of maintenance actions

Once maintenance actions have been taken, you can validate the results immediately, without the need to send teams to the field. With time, you can compare different maintenance approaches and learn which are most effective and efficient.

"The insight to see how effective maintenance has been is key to optimize our maintenance measures."

Rolf Härdi

Chief Technology and Innovation Officer, Deutsche Bahn

Durable and incredibly easy to maintain

Each of our internet-of-things sensors can easily be deployed in the field in under ten minutes. They are self-monitoring and durable, with a battery life of four years. The sensors are mounted directly onto the track sleeper and continuously measure key parameters such as vibration and acceleration without disrupting regular traffic operation.

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