Spring '22 Release: Introducing Our New and Improved User Interface

Product Release, 30.03.2022

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At KONUX, we continually strive to build a system that can truly transform today’s rail operations. With user-centricity at its core, the KONUX system has a fresh new look to deliver actionable insights in an even easier way.


We constantly talk to our customers and end-users to understand their challenges and improve the KONUX system. Reflecting on their valuable feedback, we have optimized the user interface (UI) to cater to the asset owners’ decision-making process—from understanding the overall health of the switches, analyzing an issue in depth, and finally prioritizing actions. This user-centric design helps users focus on the right information at the right moment with the right level of detail.

The flexible design based on widgets allows easy integration with the customers’ core systems. Widget integration enables users to interact with the KONUX system within their system, without having to open the application itself. Widgets display KONUX insights optimally and can be seamlessly embedded within other systems.

Enhanced Usability

The new UI is intuitive and easy to use, requiring minimal training. The simplified data visualization helps users quickly understand where to get the right insights and what they mean. The improved visual language, such as color codes, promotes attention to the most important elements without clutter.

One of the biggest improvements is that users can now understand an issue with all the relevant information they need in one place without switching between different pages. For example, the vertical displacement graph—which visualizes the trend of trackbed degradation over time—can be overlayed with other contextual information, such as maintenance activities and train speed, so sudden changes in the data can be more easily understood.

“Great product design comes from constantly talking to the end-users. The improved UI based on the customers’ feedback aligns to their way of working, making it easier to manage their daily operations.” – Samuel Knoch, Senior UI/UX designer at KONUX

User guides are available throughout the system to help users navigate the system with ease. The Knowledge Base provides detailed information about each feature and functionalities so users can learn how the features work and how to interpret the data they see.

Optimized for AI Insights

The KONUX system is built upon advanced AI/machine learning technology. This means that every actionable insight comes from complex data science models and often entails different levels of uncertainty and various corner cases.

The improved data visualization is optimized for AI insights to reflect how predictive AI models work and enable users to intuitively interpret and utilize data intuitively. For example, the prediction features now provide a range of forecasted values indicating differing probabilities, instead of visualizing specific estimates subject to frequent daily changes. This way, asset owners can plan their actions flexibly based on varying chances of an issue.

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