Summer '19 Release is Now Live

By Andreas Kunze (CEO KONUX GmbH), 04.08.2019

It’s that time of the year when almost everyone’s enjoying their well-deserved holidays – and KONUX for sure is not an exception. However, before some members of our fast-growing and very international team (21 nations!) left Munich to enjoy their summer vacation, we finalized the Summer ’19 Release of the KONUX system, including an exciting new feature I’m proud to share with you.

As many of you know, it’s our focus to provide smart sensor systems and AI-based analytics to deliver actionable insights for predictive maintenance. Our KONUX Predictive Maintenance System for rail switches is an end-to-end solution which uses IIoT sensors and AI in order to improve network availability and reduce maintenance costs. We continuously monitor the condition of key switch components, making it easier for infrastructure managers to anticipate failures and take the optimal maintenance actions at the right time. See a more detailed overview of our solution. See a more detailed overview of our solution.

One great example of a new feature is True Switch Load: it provides information on railway systems’ switch usage and detects which switches are being over- or under-inspected, allowing switch asset owners to move to real usage-based inspection cycles. The number of trains, their load and speed are, as you can imagine, a good indication of the usage and corresponding wear of the switch. In our work with railway operators, however, we see that switch dossiers and train schedules alone are not sufficiently accurate to predict true load, leading to frequent under- or over-inspecting as a result. Our new solution True Switch Load, which we are rolling out to customers right now, detects all trains and their corresponding speed and tonnage 24/7. It analyses the usage trends, and highlights the gaps between planned versus actual load and thus provides full insight on switch usage in order to adjust planning of inspections, maintenance or replacement.

True Switch Load works well along with other features we’re already offering within the KONUX system, e. g. Trackbed Forecasting. Our AI Core predicts how the trackbed condition will develop in the next 90 days and alerts switch asset owners when actions need to be taken. This allows for optimized maintenance planning and improved availability. We’re continuously adding new functions to our platform, and the team is already in the final stages of developing an innovative approach for improved frog health monitoring as well as a solution for digital maintenance quality check. I’ll talk about it in greater detail when we are launching our fall release within the next couple of months.

In closing, let me add that we at KONUX are envisioning a future where AI and IoT will empower industrial operations to run more efficiently and much stronger intelligence-based. Actually, I hope, that five to ten years from now, the KONUX solution will be a defining system for the digitization of global railway systems and KONUX itself will be the number one digital player in the railway sector. Join our fast-growing team. Find all our open positions here.