Our Team

Take a look behind the scenes and meet the KONUX team

Let us introduce ourselves

KONUX would not be the same without its strong team, which strives to combine Silicon Valley digital thinking with German engineering. Our team members are veterans of Siemens, BMW and other big players in the industry, have learned strategic thinking at consultancies like McKinseys or have recently graduated and bring with them new ideas and approaches.

The KONUX team is strongly driven by engineering talents, and complemented with a strong business team that dives deep into customer problems and technical challenges, and understands how we can build our product platform.


We strive to make our office the perfect place for you. Working at KONUX means free breakfast to start your day and a well-stocked kitchen that helps you refuel your energy when needed - be it coffee, fruit or healthy snacks. Since an efficient team is one in which everyone knows and trusts each other, we organize frequent team dinners and various events like summer BBQs or nights out to explore the Munich bar scene.

Maximilian Rupp, Jonas Diezun, Steffen Schülzchen

Not everything at KONUX is an “official” event, however. Our team member themselves also organize football or “bubble soccer” matches, or go on motorcycles trips in the Alps. Our coffee enthusiasts talk about how they can get you the perfect shot of espresso, there’s gym sessions with colleagues or LAN parties at our office. And what KONUX tradition would you like to establish?

KONUX at work - CTO Vlad Lata explaining the sensor data solution

We believe in building a team for the long-term, and care about the well-being of our employees. For instance, we have a partnership with a premium fitness and wellness center near our office, offering you great discounts. Our regular workshops with experts from outside the company feature topics as diverse as feedback, regeneration or happiness. We can only grow as a company if we’re also growing as a team, which is why our company culture is one of the things we value most.