Use of AI prevents several train service disruptions in only 9 months

Case Study


KONUX and Network Rail collaboration on the key route between London, Gatwick Airport and Brighton has effectively prevented several disruptions to train services within just nine months, while laying the foundation for lasting improvements. 


The Challenge 

KONUX and Network Rail began working together in July 2020. Since then KONUX Switch, has been deployed in all five regions, and contracted for 1,000 turnouts, whilst continually adding new features and use cases.  

The aim of this project was to explore how KONUX Switch could support a change in maintenance regimes in Sussex Route. The project’s key objectives included:

  • Demonstrating KONUX capabilities on wood and concrete layouts, for both commuter and high-speed infrastructure
  • Understanding intervention thresholds to enable proactive maintenance
  • Evaluating the impact of various maintenance interventions and applying the lessons learned to drive continual improvement
  • Establishing a robust process for data management
  • Proving the business case for the strategic implementation of these innovations in the Sussex Route

This collaborative venture showcased exceptional teamwork between a customer and supplier.


The Solution

The ambitious project began in January 2023, using 18 Industrial KONUX IIoT devices on 12 S&C units with different measurement points in a range of S&C. KONUX Switch Provided the following:

  • Established a cross organizational team, spanning various departments in both KONUX and Network Rail, to collaboratively deliver the project
  • Focussed installation programme was completed in 8 weeks
  • Business process was created to seamlessly integrate data streams into the day-to-day operations of the Intelligent Infrastructure Technician team at the Three Bridges Route Operating Centre
  • Track work instruction created to drive long lasting interventions and avoid repeated maintenance visits to the same site
  • A business case was created with a series of options that was ultimately agreed with the Infrastructure Director

The Results 

The project deliverables were successfully completed within just nine months of device installation. The immediate impact of this project has led to several successful maintenance interventions, preventing service disruptions. Notably, one intervention averted potential passenger service delays by identifying the precursors to a cracked crossing that would have been detected much later using conventional monitoring methods. 

Leading the way within Network Rail, the Sussex Intelligent Infrastructure team has now integrated the KONUX Switch insights into their processes and the Sussex Track team has created and implemented route-specific rules to manage these new insights. Additionally Sussex Route have now purchased an extra 166 devices for installation on the key rail corridor between London and Brighton.


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