Our Values

The ten pillars of our company culture

These ten core values define the way we work, interact and approach our projects

  1. We focus on results and the big picture

    With everything we do, we always have a clear objective in mind. We don’t want to get stuck planning but decide quickly and focus on the desired outcome. We set high goals and try to find the smartest ways to achieve them, even if it means leaving our comfort zone. As KONUX engineers we are makers, innovators and problem-solvers.

  2. We enjoy freedom and take ownership

    We know that we can only succeed as a team if we are also strong as individuals. We take responsibility for our decisions and trust that we all work towards our shared goals. We believe in creative freedom rather than micromanaging and in aligned autonomy rather than fixed solutions. We support initiative and commitment, and encourage our team members to speak up and initiate change. At the same time, we don’t hesitate to ask for help and we act when others need our help.

  3. We make a point of communicating and listening

    We are convinced that clear communication is key to growing as a team. We listen to each other and ask for clarification if need be. Only if we try our best to really understand the matter, can we react and help in the most efficient way. Some issues might be time-sensitive, so we structure our thoughts and lead with the “So What?”. In written communications´, we also make sure everyone gets all the information he or she needs.

  4. We let the best ideas win

    Our work is based on science and technological know-how. Therefore, data is what we rely on and believe in. We base our work on hypotheses that have been tested and approaches that have proven to bring about the desired results. We embrace new technologies and methods, if they drive our product development and, subsequently, our customers’ business. At KONUX it is the best ideas, not the biggest egos, that will prevail.

  5. We continue to grow

    Open and honest feedback is important to us, especially since we try to never stop learning. We phrase our feedback as specific and constructive as possible, and take criticism as the starting point for improvement. We actively pursue ways to broaden our horizon, and we take time to reflect on our progress and our weak points. We try to maintain a healthy balance between work and our personal lives and want to also improve outside of work. We learn and live smart.

  6. We always default to positivity and transparency

    We are proud that our team sees even difficult tasks as opportunities to grow. Our success relies on people who remain positive and face challenges head on. What we need to maintain this positive attitude, however, is transparency. Our weekly company meetings and Q&As serve exactly this purpose: To share our success stories and challenges, to answer any questions about our products or customer acquisition and to make sure everyone is on the same page at all times.

  7. We value mutual respect and humbleness

    We value flat hierarchies and encourage new employees to get involved in important decisions from the get-go. This is why we maintain a culture in which everyone’s ideas are taken seriously. Without mutual respect we wouldn’t be able to communicate effectively, without humbleness we wouldn’t stay open to new and better approaches and, most importantly, we wouldn’t be the kind of company that we want to be.

  8. We stay agile and work fast

    We believe that speed is our main advantage vis-à-vis the traditional big players. We believe that done today is better than done tomorrow and that we can push each other to be faster and better. If requirements change or we gain new insights, we quickly adapt to these changes. Meanwhile, we never lose sight of the quality of our work. We know that there are limits to speed in a hardware company and we will always have to deliver outstanding results.

  9. We build the products our customers need

    Our main priority is to understand exactly what our customers need and how we can help. The best way to solve our customers’ needs is to put our heart and soul into developing truly great products. This is why our engineers continuously improve our technology and why we encourage our tech talents to keep an open mind and to seek alternative strategies to solve problems.

  10. We are diverse – We are one

    Our team is anything but homogeneous. We combine a variety of nationalities, academic backgrounds and areas of expertise in one company and we are proud of this diversity. We believe that our multifaceted team is one of our biggest assets and that it helps us find new, innovative approaches to reach our goals. In order to foster our team spirit, we organize monthly dinners, team events and sports activities as well as team getaways four times a year.

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How it started

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