Why railway

The Hidden Sustainability Champion

Railway is the safest, most efficient and most sustainable means of motorized transport. But living up to its potential requires taking radical steps to ensure the resilience and competitiveness of the system on which millions rely.

What can a modal shift to railway achieve?

CO2 reduction equivalent to the amount absorbed by the entire Amazon Rainforest each year, or all the forests in Europe combined:

2.1 Gt CO2

How sustainable is railway anyway?

Due to the physical properties of moving steel over steel, the energy required to transport goods or people is lower than any other existing system. And with electrification, and renewables becoming prevalent, railway has a CO2 footprint even lower than walking (when fuelled by a non-vegan diet)!

Greenhouse gas intensity in gCO2 eq/person/km

Railway’s Growing Challenges

Insufficient capacity

Insufficient capacity

Demand for railway is expected to double by 2050

Low reliability

Low reliability

Time of delays equivalent to 10,000 human lives p.a. globally

Growing costs

Growing costs

$170 B in OPEX $200 B in CAPEX $400 B in delays

A new era for rail empowered by data

Powered by machine learning, data insights can unlock sources of operational efficiency previously unimaginable. From helping to minimize downtimes of critical assets to intelligent traffic management – artificial intelligence changes the game.

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