Scrutinizing cutting-edge technologies from different domains to build an innovative solution helping our planet

Monika, Frontend Developer & Radu, Tech Lead Software Engineer , 26.04.2022

Nature lovers wanting to help protect our planet

Monika: I am a Pole that always wanted to live close to mountains. I love nature and I enjoy being outdoors, long walks, hiking, and swimming in the lakes. I am really happy that I found that perfect city where I’m close to everything I love while working for a company that cares about the environment. I’m hoping that our company achieves its ambitious goals because I believe in our mission of making that business more sustainable. It makes me happy that someone wants to improve one of the important fields in people’s lives, which is transportation. I hope that with our passion we will help our planet a bit and trains become one of the most used means of transport. I’m a Frontend Developer at Konux and my responsibility is to create users interfaces that will make user communication with our services possible.

Radu: I am a curious person, interested in spending my quality time outdoors cycling, hiking, and snowboarding. A nature & pet lover. I love discovering music and researching different IT topics, including blockchain. I like the product here as I always found train transportation a very sustainable and pleasant way to travel around compared to flying for example. I do believe there is a lot the future holds for trains and I am a believer that nature will indirectly thank us for this. At Konux I am a Tech Lead in one of our cross-functional teams.

Combining the newest technologies to build a transformative predictive maintenance system

Monika: As a Frontend Developer you want to make sure that the applications you are creating are useable, performant and they help your users achieve their goals. The most challenging part of being a Fronted Developer is that our world is changing constantly and it’s important to follow it. The newest trends, technologies, and solutions are there and of course, you can ignore them, but then you are missing out on the opportunities to make your applications better, faster, and more performant. Why our job is important? Well, you can live without Fronted. I’m sure that going through the raw data is fun, but isn’t it better to see it on beautiful charts that help you understand it? Isn’t it better to manage it by clicking only one button? And isn’t it better to see related information grouped in one place? That’s what I thought…

Radu: I mostly focus on backend topics on different stacks so far from Spark data pipelines development and designing for our ML applications for health prediction models to microservice implementation and monitoring. It’s challenging and nice that I got so far to touch different parts of the system, to actively improve and extend our architecture.

Monika: Expect the unexpected. There is always something new, there is always room for improvement. Every day, we have new ideas on how we can expand our product to meet the needs of our customers. With new ideas, new challenges are coming and we have even more fun implementing them. Konux is a fun place to work because you are heard. You can put your ideas into practice and you are the one responsible for how you are going to implement them, and what kind of technologies you will use. You are in charge of your domain.

Radu: The work we achieve is very important as it’s the groundwork for our clients and clients to come which can be a stepping stone in modernizing the current railway infrastructure. It’s a multi-tenant system, and as railway infrastructure is slightly different, our models and systems need to be always a bit customized. I also find the mix between AI / Software engineering and hardware (IoT) a great opportunity to extend my skills.

Spirited by cross-functional innovation and knowledge-sharing

Monika: Working in Konux is a great opportunity for self-development. It’s not only about the work itself. Since the Konux product touches a lot of fields from hardware, over analytics to software, so there is a lot of room for you to understand them better. You can explore and learn from amazing people that have the experience and the knowledge and they are always open and willing to share it. We have a development budget that you can use, we have a lot of knowledge sharing talks and we can also work on the special projects called moonshots that help us explore some promising ideas that could improve or expand our product.

Radu: Well you can expect to work in a cross-functional environment with a tech stack spanning from: hardware – firmware (sensor development) team, backend development using microservices and event-driven designs, data engineering in Spark, and frontend development in React. All this in a cloud AWS environment. As we are a product development company you can expand to work closely with the product and data science teams.

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Monika: If you want to make a difference and feel that there is a need for innovation, you found the right place to do it.
Radu: Everybody is different but if the things mentioned above sound nice, try it out, we are happy to meet you!

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