Designing an intuitive user interface facilitating actionable insights

Samuel Knoch, Senior UI/UX Designer, 05.04.2022

We continually strive to build a system that can truly transform today’s rail operations. The KONUX system has recently been updated with a fresh new look to deliver actionable insights in an even easier way. We asked Samuel, who translated user needs into the new design, how he experiences his work at KONUX, and on this particular project:

Who are you and what is it that you do at KONUX?

I’m a User Experience Designer at KONUX. In my role, I ensure our product is built in an intuitive way for our end users – and that they can achieve their goals in an effective, efficient and satisfying way. The core of my role is designing the user interface of the KONUX System—this includes engaging with users and understanding their requirements as well as translating complex insights into a modern, easy-to-use user interface.

Why is this exciting?

At KONUX we have the opportunity (and the challenge) to explore entirely new territory. We’re not building “just another app”. Instead, we use the latest available technology to provide new solutions for the rail industry, which have never been built before. We can’t rely on many best practices or established patterns so we have to be creative in solving real problems and developing a best-working system from ground up. Also, it is rewarding to be part of our mission to transform railway operations for a sustainable future. I believe that the rail industry will play a key role in solving climate crisis, and this is an exciting way to contribute.

Can you tell us a bit about working on this year’s Spring Release?

During our recent redesign of the KONUX user interface, I had the opportunity to work in a cross-functional team to improve the user experience of our product. Based on feedback and user research, we did not only update the visual language, but also rethink major aspects of interaction and information architecture for the whole system and its features. The implementation in an agile setting was a great team effort between designers, engineers and many other stakeholders. It is exciting to see the UI come to life—the KONUX UI is now ready for many more years of growth!

Tell us…

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