Providing developers with tools enabling them to iterate fast and encourage ingenuity

Jesús Pena Mateos, DevOps Engineer, 22.02.2022

Jesús studied Telecommunications Engineering with majors in Software Engineering and Telecommunication Technologies. He gained a variety of experiences in different fields and industries before joining KONUX. In this article, he talks about his passions and how they feed into his day-to-day at KONUX.

Using the power of the cloud to face the most important challenges of humanity

I’m a DevOps Engineer at Konux who wants to discover all the wonders of the cloud world to be up to date with one of the biggest revolutions in technology. I’m a very curious person and lately one of the topics wandering in my mind is how to use this whole new technology to approach the most important challenges humanity is facing now and in the very near future.

Providing developers with tools enabling them to iterate fast and encourage ingenuity

In a few words: As a DevOps Engineer, I work closely with the developers to make them happy. Sometimes it is not about having lots of developers working on something but rather a few good developers provided with the right tools to iterate fast and encourage their ingenuity. For that, building a good infrastructure in the cloud with IaC (Infrastructure as Code) and a set of tools connected for a proper CI/CD (continuous integration/ continuous deployement/ continuous delivery) are the main challenges of my position. One example: We’re building a set of tools to set up a new project from scratch, including the CI/CD and all the necessary infrastructure for it to be in production within a few minutes. Of course, functionality is very basic, but still guarantees the required quality, allowing the development to start immediately.

Cutting-edge technologies and learning as a team

The amount of tools and concepts you get to know as well as the knowledge you acquire from facing these challenges is amazing. I’ve never been in a position where such an amount of knowledge was required and applied. You get to think about many ideas to tackle problems we are currently dealing with on a daily basis – using all the power of the cloud.

Before joining KONUX, I worked in several places where I got to learn many technologies. However, some of them were a bit old. It is not comparable with the knowledge I have, and I can keep acquiring here. I spent several months in short-time work and KONUX was my chance to bring my career back on track and catch up with trends and developments – at a speed and level I haven’t experienced before. The best part is, that your reach that high professional level the job requires together with your colleagues, who are very supportive and enabling you rather than pressuring you. To me, that’s a big difference compared to big, well-known companies. I found that KONUX really takes care of your development, personal goals and your professional life, which should move forward in alignment with the interests of the company. We also embrace failure, and understand that to move forward, it is a part of the journey. So when they take place, we react by taking responsibility without fear.

In one sentence: Why KONUX?
KONUX stimulates your capacities in the direction you desire while doing something really beneficial for the world.

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