Designing the user journey for scalability

Product Update, 28.06.2023

At KONUX, we are committed to transforming rail operations with solutions that put the user at the heart of everything we do. With Deutsche Bahn accelerating its infrastructure digitization by equipping another 3,500 Switches and Crossings (S&Cs) with KONUX Switch nationwide, our solution is now deployed and used at a larger scale than ever before. (Read more about the project)

To deliver an even better user experience and generate a greater number of actionable insights at this unprecedented scale, we have redesigned the user journey across the entire lifecycle. From installing and configuring KONUX IIoT devices, to becoming proficient with our user interface (UI) and even helping shape the future of our product, we’re making every step quicker and easier for our users to generate value from our solution.

Installing & configuring

Our users’ journey with our solution begins with the installation and configuration of the KONUX IIoT devices. Our devices provide a physical link to the switches and are an integral part of our end-to-end solution. The device installation and configuration process is designed to be simple and straightforward, taking just 10 minutes to complete. Therefore, it can usually be carried out without disrupting train services. Once fitted, the devices operate autonomously and maintenance-free for at least five years.

Installation training with customer

To enable high-quality installation and configuration of the KONUX IIoT devices, our Customer Success and Solution Engineering teams provide either onsite or remote training sessions, depending on customer preference. Training materials are supported by videos which provide a complete overview of the process if any kind of refresh is required. To support each step being performed correctly in the field we have also introduced SiteTracker, an intuitive app that guides in-field technicians through the process.

Installation training film

Getting onboarded

Our system is designed to allow users to navigate it with ease and is regularly improved to enable intuitive interpretation and utilization of the information.

To best onboard and set up users with our system, our Customer Success team provides kickoff sessions that are tailored to our users’ specific roles and needs. The in-app learning guides can also be leveraged for standalone navigation as users further familiarize themselves with our system. They can watch our tutorial videos and walkthrough tours, which are accessible upon login. User guides are available throughout the system to further aid with navigation. Our Knowledge Base provides detailed information about each feature and functionality, enabling users to quickly understand how the system works and how to interpret the data to make informed decisions.

In-app learning guides

Becoming a pro

Becoming an expert user is a key part of the user journey and our Customer Success teams are here to help with that. The KONUX system is powered by advanced AI/machine learning technology, meaning that every actionable insight comes from advanced data science models and often entails different levels of complexity and various corner cases.

As users familiarize themselves with key features of our system, they can benefit from more advanced features like the Data Explorer, which enables a more granular analysis of the distribution of the data and better understanding of the context around the health of the asset. When it comes to particularly complicated cases, our Solution Engineering and Product teams are available to provide support and dig deeper.

To deliver richer content and keep our users informed, we also provide personalized email notifications, reports, and newsletters on a regular basis to ensure you never miss out on important events, or product and project updates.

KONUX newsletter and email notification

Becoming a part of the value creation

We value our users’ opinions and want to hear their unique perspectives and needs. By learning more about their everyday challenges we can create products that are tailored to fit their decision-making processes, including understanding the health of their assets, analyzing issues in depth, and prioritizing actions.

Our Customer Success teams work with end users and engage at all levels to gain valuable feedback, jointly exploring novel and complex insights and generating new use cases. We have also launched a variety of tools to enable our users to share their opinions with us. Users can now provide ground truth data by reviewing maintenance activities detected in our system, submit product feedback in the Help Center or participate in our user surveys.

As we continue to grow we would also like to build a user community where our customers can connect with each other to share their experiences and learnings.

Customer inputs

As Germany takes the lead in digitizing its rail infrastructure by scaling our solutions, we are more committed than ever to hand hold our users through this period of transformation. Our user-centric design ensures effortless access to the right information, at the right time, with the right level of detail – delivering insights in the most actionable way possible. By enabling data-driven decision making, our customers can reduce costly and disruptive delays and realize smoother, more efficient rail operations.

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